10 Inspiring YouTube Challenges Ideas

Have you ever tried to decide what type of vlog you want to do on a given day? Do you have trouble coming up with new ideas on a daily or semi-daily basis? If that’s the case, these 10 YouTube challenges video ideas will undoubtedly come in handy. These ideas will not only give you less to think about when it comes to filming, but they will also help you develop your channel at an exponential rate.

Some of these will be food-related YouTube challenges, while others will be non-food-related.

10 Inspiring YouTube Challenges Ideas

1. Chubby Bunny Obstacle Course

The Chubby Bunny task is extremely straightforward. You try to speak “Chubby Bunny” while putting marshmallows in your mouth one at a time. You and your opponent take turns inserting marshmallows into your mouths until the other person is unable to utter “Chubby Bunny.”

2. Challenge of the Bean Boozled

The Bean Boozled task is quite simple to complete. First, you must purchase the Bean Boozled bundle. The fun will begin after you have it. You simply sit down and begin recording. Try putting one of the Jelly Beans in your mouth and guessing which flavor it is. This is entertaining to watch because there are horrible flavors like grass clippings, baby wipes, nose boogers, and more.

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3. The Whispering Challenge

The goal of this game is to try to read someone’s lips and figure out what they’re saying while wearing headphones and listening to loud music. Make the music loud enough so that the listener cannot hear the other person’s voice.

Remember, the goal of the challenge is to read the other person’s lips to figure out what they’re saying. It’s entertaining to watch people play this game, and the results can be rather amusing and unexpected. Most people don’t monitor points in this game because it’s largely for fun, but you could if you wanted to.

4. Tin Can Competition

This game is similar to the baby food guessing game, but you use adult food instead of baby food. The tin can challenge requires you to remove all of the labels of canned foods and place them on the table. You and your opponent take turns opening one of the random cans on the table and taking a large scoop. You only earn a point if you can swallow anything you choose.

5. Eat It Or Wear It Test

The eat it or wear it challenge is similar to the tin can challenge, however, it is significantly messier. To set this up, simply grab a lot of odd food and put it in bags. You should put the food in non-transparent bags so you can’t see what you’re picking.

Then spread out the bags, and you and your opponent will take turns picking one at a time. If you choose the bag, you must consume its contents. If you don’t eat the contents of the bag, your opponent must pour it over your head. The winner is the one who is the least sloppy.

6. Baby Food Challenge 

The baby food challenge is one of my least favorite YouTube challenges. This is similar to the tin can challenge, but you use baby food instead of tin cans. What most people don’t realize is that while baby food may seem appealing, when you mash it up and add preservatives to it, the flavor changes dramatically.

So, you and your partner will put a lot of baby food on a table and each pick one can. You both eat at the same time, and whoever doesn’t finish their can of baby food loses a round point. You play till you reach “X” number of points. You can choose how many points you want to visit.

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7. Challenge No Smiling Or Laughing

There are millions of videos on the internet, and you want to choose the best of the best for this YouTube challenge. This task requires you and your companion to identify ten amusing videos. You’ll both be seeing them at the same moment, but you won’t be able to smile or laugh. You will receive one point for each video that you watch without smiling or laughing. The participant with the most points at the end of the ten videos wins the challenge of not smiling or laughing.

8. Challenge Touch My Body

Do you believe you can fool your partner? Play this with your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. The goal of this game is for you to point to a specific body region and have your partner touch you there. Following that, it’s their chance to guess which body part it is. They must be fairly specific, so if you asked them to touch your elbow and they merely said arm, they would be incorrect.

9. The Whisper Test

The whisper challenge is a lot of fun, and you can customize it in a variety of ways if you want. The way it works is that you wear noise-canceling headphones while the other person listens to music.

10. Blindfolded Drawing Contest

Do you believe you can draw while blindfolded? Well, here is the YouTube challenge where you’ll find out. The blindfolded drawing challenge requires you to draw a certain picture while blindfolded. If you like, you and your companion can do this at the same time and with the same image, but it is sometimes more fun to do it individually. The goal is to create the best possible drawing. I recommend that you have a third person judge the two pictures.

So there you have it. Now go on and create some of the most epic YouTube challenge videos ever.

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