10 Weirdest Cameras We Saw at The Photography Show 2022

10 weirdest cameras ever seen were on display at The Photography Show.

The 10 weirdest cameras at The Photography Show include a spiked Nikon, a Pepsi can camera, and a quad-lens Polaroid.

We’ve spent the last four days at The Photography Show, scouring the aisles for the newest and best camera technology.

However, there have been some really bizarre cameras buried amid the cutting-edge weaponry of the Canon EOS R3 and the slick old-school design of the Nikon Z FC. Strange, to say the least.

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From 35mm to medium format to big format, analog, digital, 2D, and 3D, every media has been covered, but the constant theme has been strange.

Here are the 10 weirdest cameras we’ve seen at The Photography Show, ranging from cameras that look like soda cans to cameras coated in 24K gold to cameras that don’t even take photos.

Below Are The Best  10 Weirdest Cameras

1) Nikon NASA Camera

In the 1960s, both the US and the USSR began carrying cameras onboard their human space missions as part of the Space Race. After putting 70mm cameras aboard the space shuttle, NASA wanted a more compact option and went to Nikon, which provided this camera in 1981.

Photographed at the Nikon booth (B600)

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2) Canon Posture Fit

This is the most contemporary camera on the list, and it’s also the oddest! The Canon Posture Fit analyzes your spine posture to see whether you’re sitting properly at your workstation. It wobbles and weeds like a charming Pixar figure to warn you if you’re slouching or sitting for too long.

Observed at the Canon exhibit (N500, N400)

3) Zeus 35mm camera

The Zeus is believed to be the first British 35mm film camera, and it is very uncommon. It has a 5cm Alphamat lens, a two-speed (plus T) selection, and a textured enamel finish. These are almost never available for purchase!

Photographed at the Disabled Photographers’ Society’s booth (B700)

4) Pepsi CanCamera

This 35mm point-and-shoot in the form of a Pepsi can is by far the most entertaining camera we saw at the show! CanCamera put out a bunch of them, including one that looked like a Budweiser can. It has an integrated flash and runs on a single AA battery.

 5) Polaroid Studio Express

The Polaroid Studio Express is a professional studio camera used for passport photos that were reportedly manufactured by Mamiya in the 1980s. It has a 125mm focal length, f/8-32 aperture, 1/125 or 1/60 sec shutter speed, built-in flash, and uses Typ 100 film.

Photographed at the Disabled Photographers’ Society’s booth (B700)

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6) Nikon Gold FA

Nikon won the Camera Grand Prix award for the world’s first matrix metering technology for SLR cameras in 1984, and this 24K gold lizard skin camera was launched in Japan to celebrate the victory.

Photographed at the Nikon booth (B600)

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7) Matterport Pro2

The best-in-class Matterport Pro2 is described as “the gold standard for 3D capture” by Matterport. While it appears like a speed camera, its 134MP resolution combines high-grade 3D with 4K picture quality to offer scans of houses, flats, hotels, and commercial structures, resulting in spectacular virtual tours.

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  • Seen at the Matterport booth (L501)

8) Intrepid 4×5 Camera Black Edition

Forget full-frame, medium format, and megapixels; big format film is the true source of maximum picture quality! With a Graflok back that allows you to attach film adapters ranging from 6×6 to 6×17, as well as Polaroid backs and the Intrepid Enlarger, the Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 Camera is an outstanding stunner.

9) Every booth Lite – Studio Edition

We were thrilled to see the new Every booth Lite – Studio Edition this year after seeing the original Every booth at the previous physical Photography Show in 2019. With the strong illumination of the original model, this premium mirrorless photo booth is ideal for outdoor events when you want to wow visitors or customers. It’s light, portable, and battery-operated (lasts up to six hours).

Observed in the Every booth Lite (H601).

10) Diana F+ Camera Night Cap Edition

The delightfully garish Diana F+ Camera Night Cap Edition is a fun way to take medium format film without taking yourself too seriously, and we’ve always had a soft spot for Dianas. It’s 75mm lens is as soft and spotty as you’d imagine, but it can’t be topped if you want that tatty, vignette-y, oversaturated Seventies Italian cinema aesthetic.

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