20 Photo Essay Ideas (to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing)

Although visual storytelling is ingrained in our culture, coming up with effective photo essay ideas can be difficult. So, in this piece, I’d like to discuss some ideas for creating fascinating and compelling photo essays.

A single, powerful photograph can convey a lot of information about its subject – but there are occasions when more than one image is required. That’s when a photo essay comes in handy: a series of images that work together to illustrate a larger story about a certain subject.

Here are 20 Photo Essay Ideas to get started!

1. Capture Out Your Neighbors

Capture Out Your Neighbors


Localize your efforts for a fantastic photo essay. You will have neighbors no matter where you live. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you’ll have to look for someone else’s neighbors. This would be an excellent approach to begin photographing portraits.

A wonderful scenario would be to capture people in their own environment. And everyone’s personal space is unique.

You’ll meet stay-at-home dads, night-shift workers, heirloom-laden grandmothers, musicians, and families. There’s no way of knowing what’s on the other side of these doors. It’s a terrific opportunity to work on your feet while also getting to know the people in your neighborhood.

At the exhibition you are hosting, all of these people will meet and mingle. If you live in the UK, your local authority may notice this communal effort and offer you assistance.

2. Take pictures of the photographers

How many times have you seen visitors taking pictures of the same landmark? These ‘points of interest’ are magnets for tourists, who all have cameras and are capturing the same picture. Occasionally, they’ll even act as if they’re holding up or grabbing the landmark.

Because the region in question has already been photographed, why not take your photo essay in the opposite direction? Exactly. You’ll be photographing folks who are rarely seen as artists.

These photographs will be amusing since they are a societal remark on our lives and cultures.

3. Use Cafenol to photograph coffee shops

Cafenol is a chemical used in film photography that replaces the developer. After the film has been exposed, the developer strips it down to a negative. The term comes from the fact that cafestol is created partly from instant coffee granules.

Photographing a coffee shop, the personnel, the clientele, and the equipment, and then utilizing the coffee they serve as a film developer, would be a fantastic photo essay concept.

It not only gives the film a sepia/vintage tint, but it also makes each series of prints unique to the location.

4. Make-Believe Food

Putting all those great works of literature to good use is one amazing photo essay example. Consider all of the meals that fictional characters have consumed.

Some will be as made-up as the names of the characters who will be devouring them. Consider Oliver Twist’s gruel. With table arrangements and suitable mise en scène, make the meals as lifelike as feasible.

5. Photo Essay ideas for Students

20 Photo Essay Ideas (to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing)

Photographing inside a school is a terrific opportunity to help your community while also potentially getting some of your photos published. Layout your intentions to those in control, even if it’s challenging at first.

Allow them to use and share the photograph as they choose. Wham. Your photographs are now being shared and liked by a group of individuals. They’re promoting you all over Facebook and other social media platforms. Perfect.

Enter the classrooms and shoot the pupils and teachers as they go about their everyday routines. Be as inconspicuous as possible, but incorporate and integrate people who are interested whenever and wherever possible.

There are numerous things to photograph. Chemistry labs, professors having a break, and even food preparation for lunch are all documented.

6. Ordinary Day in the Life

There are going to be a lot of occupations and careers that you don’t know about. Following individuals around and photographing them is a terrific approach to get a sense of what they do on a daily basis.

For example, a photo essay titled “A day in the life of a fireman” will get you access to the station, allowing you to chronicle what they do in their spare time. You might not be able to help them put out a fire, but you never know.

This is excellent preparation for documentary photography since it allows them to get portraits and still lifes of all of the equipment they use. Allow them to use the photographs for social media once more.

Also, give the photo essays to the local government, as they may be able to assist with an exhibition and help you distribute your work. Because you are now a person who gets things done, this may lead to compensated labor in the future. Bravo!

7. Fathers and their Children

We are living in a totally different era today than we were 50 years ago. Or even 20 years ago, when more and more men chose to stay at home and raise their children. Capturing these small families as societal commentary for the times we live in would be a terrific photo essay example.

These portraits and group shots are a terrific way to get some practice and start creating a social network. The initial shots are always the most difficult to get. However, after you get up to speed, you’ll be able to show and persuade the next group with images.

They can use and share a couple of the photographs, and they may even purchase a few more. More images to place on the wall are constantly needed by families.

8. Photo Essay of Historical Importance

One photo essay idea I’ve always wanted to explore is photographing the same landmark from many perspectives. Consider that for a moment. Consider the Eiffel Tower and the numerous sets of photographs that have been shot of it.

All of them are taken from a variety of perspectives and at various distances. This is an excellent approach to practice positioning and composition from various angles.

You may include details and a down-up perspective, and you can use a drone to capture it from above. And there are a plethora of ways to capture it, including using reflections in the streets.

The landmark is your study, and it will assist you in observing the light at various times of the day.

Taking photographs of the landmark from other persons from the same vantage point would be a similar photo-essay idea. This is where Unsplash comes in handy.

9. Photograph Fashion on the Street

If you’ve ever read Fruits, you’ll be familiar with how street fashion can be. I’ve even heard of a street in Milan where individuals go up and down, flaunting their greatest fashion choices.

These styles are simple to photograph in a street photography manner. You’ll also need to be aware of your surroundings and environment when taking portraits.

You can even pull over to the side of the road and strike a fast pose. Photographers have come to a halt in one spot, capturing passers-by. Only the people change in this scene, as the background remains unchanged.

Offer to give the people a JPEG of themselves, along with your contact information. They will be more eager to assist you.

10. A Photographer’s Behind-the-Scenes

A Photographer's Behind-the-Scenes

I used to work as a model assistant in a fashion photography studio. This means I got a front-row seat to what goes on behind the scenes.

What happens behind the camera intrigues me far more than what happens in front of it. It might be slow and dull because the models pose and hundreds of shots are taken.

Stylists, on the other hand, are hard at work on clothing, hair, and cosmetics behind the scenes. This takes place in between shootings and is usually done in a hurry.

11. Take a picture of an abandoned building

Urbex, or urban exploration, is a thing. It’s when you go into an abandoned building for the sake of (photography and) fascination. It’s an excellent social reflection on the current condition of affairs in the world.

Abandoned structures also provide insight into how life used to be. It’s like time travel without the need for a time machine. Because there are so many details, they make excellent photo essays.

Obtain permission and enter, but proceed with caution as these structures can be perilous. Take pictures of the rooms and the details. This implies you’ll have to experiment with various lenses.

Photographing interiors, looking at light, patterns, contours, and forms will become second nature to you. You’re also not in a rush, so you can practice as much as you like.

12. Document a Local Event

Throughout the year, there will be a plethora of local activities no matter where you live. Fundraisers, farmers’ markets, dances, and festivals, as well as food and music, are all possibilities.

Their organizers will require the services of a photographer. Even if it’s just for photographs for social media.

They might even give you money, and if they don’t, they’ll spread the photographs with your name attached. You’ll be able to catch candid photographs of folks going about their daily lives here.

This is a fantastic technique to hone your ability to capture emotions and atmosphere. You will meet and network with many people who will require a photographer in the future because it is a local event. Keep your business cards on you at all times.

13. Adhere to the Change

This picture essay is similar to the metamorphosis essay, except it is just for a limited period of time. Consider how men grow mustaches for Movember. Or someone who wishes to shave their head to raise money for a good cause.

You begin by capturing a before image and wind up with an afterimage, with a lot of photos in between.

This is an excellent practice not only for photographing people but also for documenting their evolution. You’ll have to think quickly and come up with new techniques to capture the same person as they go through this transition. This will be difficult, especially if you are both in the same room.

14. Go on a Photowalk

I conduct guided photography trips as a photographer living in Budapest. The plan is for you to accompany me for three hours while I take you around the city and teach you how to photograph it.

You’ll learn how to use composition and what to look for in your camera. Nothing prevents you from doing the same in your own community. This can result in some fascinating photo essays.

Prepare as if you were teaching someone else. Have a clear notion of what you want to accomplish. To shoot structures, look for reflections. Alter your viewpoint to shoot people in various circumstances.

Rep this process until you’re confident enough to present it as a tour. Start over in a different area once you’ve mastered that route.

15. Take Multiple Photographs of the Same Location

Have you watched the Harvey Keitel film “Smoke”? Every morning at the same time, his character walks out and snaps a photograph. The photo was taken in front of his store. After that, he prints the image and keeps it in large photo albums. Another character looks at the various circumstances by flipping through the photographs.

Because you employ a simple setup, these photo essays are straightforward to create. Finding a place that is accessible to you at the same time every day could be difficult. The beauty of this photo essay project is that it can be done with any subject.

The only need is that the areas shift slightly from day today.

16. Photo Essays on Transformation

One of the most popular photo essay topics is transformation. It’s a fantastic approach to demonstrate change. The transformation can be gradual, such as when a woman goes through pregnancy or when a newborn grows into a toddler and beyond.

This doesn’t even have to be about individuals as a photo essay project. A time-lapse or photo series of a structure being demolished and reconstructed can be very interesting.

This is a fantastic method to practice using photos to depict change. You’ll have to think outside the box and be diligent in your approach. You’ll have to take the same image over and over again, but with enough variation to keep things interesting.

People enjoy these initiatives because they combine the ancient and the new. Life moves so quickly that we frequently forget how something looked in the past compared to how it appears now.

17. Document a Protest

Protests are usually raucous affairs. People will be standing, moving, and waving banners and signs. This is an excellent method to rehearse in front of a live audience.

Attempt to convey the protest’s essence and atmosphere. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and you will need to employ all of your abilities.

Consider the composition, framing, and viewpoint. Run to the front and seize the group’s lead as it moves forward. Then sprint to the back to capture the passing families.

Bystanders will be present on the sides, watching the action unfold. Take pictures of all of the different groups.

18. Take a picture of your pet

Take a picture of your pet

You already have the perfect subject for a photo essay if you own a pet!

With the probable exception of pet rocks, all pets will present you with a variety of interesting photo opportunities.

To capture these moments with your camera and showcase them as a photo essay showcasing your pet’s personality and nature.

19. Report on a sporting event

The majority of sports photographers strive to capture a great image in the pivotal moment — when the action is at its most intense. However, nailing shots like that can be difficult.

So why don’t you concentrate on something else? Sports, after all, are about so much more than a single moment. There’s stretching, training, and preparation. There’s the joy of victory or the agony of defeat.

When taken attentively, these additional subjects can also make for an excellent photo essay.

20. Religious beliefs and practices

In one form or another, religion is often rich in visual expression. So take advantage of it!

Of course, you may need to limit down your options and photograph a particular component of worship. Attempt to depict what individuals do when they visit a holy site or how they pray alone. Demonstrate what makes their faith true and what makes it unique.

Final thoughts on photo essays ideas

Take a look at your surroundings. Consider what you see on a daily basis. What aspects pique your attention the most? Take pictures of those things.

You’ll undoubtedly wind up with some stunning photo essays ideas!

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