How Can I Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera?

Are you looking for a How Can I Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera?

This article provides the easiest step-by-step guide for connecting a BNC connector to a CCTV camera.

CCTV cameras can be connected directly to BNC connectors in a very simple and straightforward manner.

It’s easy to connect a CCTV camera to a BNC connector. Just follow the instructions below.How Can I Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera

How Can I Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera?

You need to gather the following accessories first.

  • A BNC connector
  • DC Pin
  • Copper Wire for Camera (3 in 1)
  • Screw Driver
  • Wiretap
  • Wire Cutter
  • CCTV Camera

After you have all these accessories, follow these instructions.

  1. Remove the white cover from the wire that you intend to connect with the CCTV camera and remove the BNC connector cover from an equal length of the wire.
  2. You’ll see four wires when you remove the cover. There is a need to remove the cover from a white wire (the wire that is thinner than the other three). You’ll see two more wires after that. Ensure that everything is removed from the wire.
  3. Using the BNC connector, connect wire 1. The screw would be tightened after showing an image.
  4. Replace the cover on the BNC connector and press the other wire. Take a look at the image below.
  5. There are now three wires visible. Here, we only need two wires; one extra wire is added as a precaution. In case one wire breaks or is damaged, you can use it.
  6. We will connect the DC connector, which is used to supply power to CCTV cameras, with these cables. Now connect the wires of your DC connector to these wires.
  7. Both connectors are now ready.
  8. Now, take your CCTV camera, and you will find that it also has two connectors. Connect one with a BNC and the other with a DC connector.

It’s done; your connection has been established. Connect the BNC connector to a CCTV camera using the same procedure.

Wiring a security camera: how do you do it?

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1. Can security camera cables be spliced?

Splicing security camera cables is possible. BNC connectors are the easiest way to extend the length of a security camera. Connect the two BNC connectors together using a female double connector.

2. 2 BNC cables be connected?

You can connect two BNC cables. If you want to extend the cable, you can use double female BNC connectors.

3. Where do you connect the BNC to the coaxial cable?

BNC connectors must be connected to a coaxial cable after removing all insulation and covering from it until you are left with only the wire, then attach the BNC connector. Push the wire upwards from the bottom of the BNC, and it will connect. Ensure the cable length matches BNC.

4. Which cable is used for CCTV cameras?

CCTV uses two types of cables. The first cable is PnP (Plug and Play), and the 2nd is RG59.

If you compare and want to decide which is better and more durable, both are good for CCTV cameras. I would say that RG59 cables are better insulated and more durable than PnP cables.


Connecting a CCTV camera to a BNC connector isn’t as difficult as it seems.

It’s very simple to connect a BNC connector to a CCTV camera, just follow the steps I mentioned above.

In case you have any questions, or are still confused, please mention them in the comments.

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