How do install ring doorbell 3 with existing doorbell?

This Ring Video Doorbell 3 is one of the most popular smart doorbells on the market right now. You may connect your doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell with a battery-powered chime to create a wireless doorbell system.

This is an excellent addition to your house since it has a variety of useful functions like two-way audio, video, motion detection, and customizable motion zones. It also features a battery backup, so in the case of a power outage, you won’t be unable to reach your doorbell.

The ring doorbell has become one of the most popular doorbells on the market in recent years. It’s a cheap and easy method to lock your property and create a sense of safety while still being able to see who’s at the door. If you currently have a doorbell and wish to upgrade, be sure it has enough power to accommodate a wireless doorbell—especially since many only allow push-to-talk.

What is the best way to combine a ring doorbell 3 with an existing doorbell?

You may still add the Ring Video Doorbell 3 to your door if you already have a doorbell. It’s easy to connect your Ring Video Doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell. Simply follow this step-by-step procedure.

Before placing your Ring Video Doorbell 3 in your home, make sure to set it up in your Ring app.

Step 1: charge the included battery

Connect the battery to a USB power source using the included orange wire to fully charge it. The battery is completely charged when just one of the two LEDs on the battery is lighted. Place the battery in the Ring Doorbell 3’s bottom until it snaps into place.

When setting up your Ring Video Doorbell 3, if the device is not completely charged before usage, you may observe an inaccurate battery discharge/report. Before you start using your smartphone, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Step 2: Discard your old doorbell

Turn off the electricity to your doorbell system at the circuit breaker if you’re replacing an existing doorbell. Then detach the wires from the doorbell button and remove it from the wall. A transformer with a voltage of 8-24 VAC, 40 VA max, 50/60 Hz is necessary when connecting your Ring Doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell.

Most intercoms and DC transformers aren’t supported.

Take a look! Electric shock is a possibility. Before you start installing, turn off the electricity to the installation area at your circuit breaker or fuse box. When working with electrical wire, exercise extreme caution.

In your location, a licensed electrician may be necessary for installation. Before conducting any electrical work, check your local regulations and building standards; permits and expert installation may be needed by law.

Step 3: Position Your Ring Video Doorbell 3

Snap the level (included in the package) into the little hole on the front of the Ring Video Doorbell 3, below the camera, to correctly align it. Place the Ring Doorbell 3 about 48 inches from the ground close to your door.
Using the spirit level instrument, level the appliance. With a pencil, mark the mounting hole locations.

If you’re replacing an original Ring Video Doorbell, the supplied adaptor plate might help you position the device appropriately.

Step 4: Drill the mounting holes

Drill holes in the designated locations with the provided drill bit in a power drill. Fill the holes with the included plastic plugs. To get the anchors in, you may need to use a hammer. You may skip this step if you’re attaching to wood or vinyl siding.

Step 5:  Attach the wire extensions

Use the included wire extensions and wire nuts if you’re having problems connecting the wires coming out of the wall to the rear of your Ring Doorbell 3.

Step 6: Connect the Wires

Connect the cables that come out of your wall to the unit’s screws. To either screw, and wire can be attached. It makes no difference in whatever sequence things are done. A steady white light will illuminate the front of the machine if the wiring is right.

Step 7: Cover the holes with your Ring Video Doorbell 3

Don’t forget to take the level off the front of the device.

Step 8: Install the Ring Doorbell 3

Mount your Ring Doorbell 3 to the wall by feeding all of the cables (and wire nuts if you used them) into the wall. Make careful you utilize all four screws included with the kit.

Step 9: Assemble the Faceplate

Slide one of the provided faceplates into the top of your Ring Doorbell and click it into place.

Step 10: Install the Security Screw

To secure the faceplate, use one of the included security screws and the star-shaped end of the screwdriver bit. To fasten the faceplate, use the security screws rather than the wood screw, which might harm the battery.

Please contact Ring Support if you believe you have used the incorrect screw.

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