How much money does a product photographer bring in per year?

Advertising relies heavily on the work of product photographers. Almost anything that is for sale will be advertised with the help of an image shot by a product photographer.

But this does not mean that anyone with a camera phone can call themselves a product photographer; there is a lot more talent required.

Photographers that specialize in product photography may expect to put in countless hours setting up and organizing props, figuring out lighting and angles, and then shooting and editing the images afterward.

A successful product photographer is an artist. You’ll have to have a keen sense of attention to detail. Aspiring product photographers may question how much they make, or even those who are already in the business are curious about the compensation package.

The good news is that this is a question that will be answered in this post soon.

What is Product Photography?

People who don’t know about product photography may not realize that it is a sort of commercial photography that entails photographing things for sale.

Product photographer earning
Product photography

A food item, a prepared cuisine, or the most recent smartphone could all be examples of the product. The goods must be small enough to be photographed on a table. The newest Lamborghinis must, of course, be photographed by someone.


Photographers who specialize in product photography will capture images of people as well as products to be used in marketing campaigns. For the most engaging and unique shots, they’ll have to use their imagination, but in most cases, they’ll work in a studio or travel to a specified location.


When it comes to product photography, most photographers are concerned with capturing images that will be utilized in advertising.

Their work is frequently displayed in public places such as billboards, magazines, and even newspapers. Not to mention Amazon, where a product photographer was required for each of the 75 million products offered. A strong eye and understanding of how light and other colors can affect an image are prerequisites for a product photographer.


To generate the right image that effectively communicates the intended message, product photographers will require a solid foundation in photography as well as knowledge of the advertising campaign. Product photographers can work for an advertising agency or for themselves as freelancers.

How Much Does A Product Photographer Make?

As salaried employees, product photographers can expect to make roughly $32,000 per year. The exact number, on the other hand, might vary widely based on a variety of factors, such as prior experience, skill level, and educational background, among others. There are numerous factors that can affect your yearly take-home pay.

A product photographer employed by an advertising agency on a per-hour basis can expect to make $15.56 per hour on average. You’d make little over $32,000 a year working this job full-time.

Can You Make Good Money With Product Photography?

If you have a passion for product photography, there are several methods to make good money at it. Product photography can be a lucrative career if you are willing to continue and take on new challenges.

As long as you can establish a name for yourself in the field of product photography, there are always fresh things to shoot and jobs to be had. A large number of product photographers earn a respectable living all throughout the world.

What’s the demand for product photography?

Yes, the product photography sector is still quite profitable, but the demand is changing steadily over time.

In order to safeguard your craft, it’s critical that you build a brand for yourself, find a niche, and charge competitively. To be successful as a product photographer, you must also effectively advertise yourself — or seek assistance from others in doing so.

Make a decision in one area and become the best in the world at it. Why not take every job you can get, it seems counterintuitive? The ultimate goal is to establish a solid name for yourself in a certain field (food, electronics, etc). Word-of-mouth referrals will take you to the next level in any sector because it’s a small world after all.

Product photography rate
product Photography

Instead of capturing a family pet or wildlife, you’re helping someone make money by doing product photography. Clients that stand to profit from your work will gladly pay a premium for your services.

The best way for product photographers to get customers is to market their services.

To begin attracting customers, perform some preliminary research on the businesses in your neighborhood. Companies with broad product lines are more likely to require ongoing photographic services to maintain their current offerings and introduce new ones.

To make your product photography stand out from the competition, look for companies who advertise frequently in trade journals. Consider contacting advertising and marketing firms, as they frequently hire photographers to work on specific projects. Depending on the sort of goods or the desired outcome, they will select different photographers. You’ll be one step closer to your dream job if you can get into one of these agencies.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to companies that publish catalogs as well. They may hire a design consultancy or their own production department to create material, which necessitates the hiring of photographers.

Make a website for yourself to showcase your work, if you haven’t already. You have the option of setting up an online portfolio and displaying your very best work. It’s also a good idea to categorize your photos so that potential customers can see how well they match their needs.

When prospective customers contact you, be sure to provide them with information about your service and a link to your web portfolio.

If you want to make your presence known, consider releasing an online newsletter that includes news on recent projects you’ve worked on.

Professional Photographers of America, for example, allows members to list their specialties in their directory of photographers.

Design and marketing organizations will employ stock photos from libraries for projects where the customer does not have a budget for original photography, so consider submitting your photos to one. Some publications, such as newspapers and magazines, are likely to follow suit.



Is there money to be made in product photography?

Product photography is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of subjects. It can be a very profitable field to enter. After all, the majority of businesses sell some sort of product.


How to Make Money with Photography: Creative Methods?

  • Sell your photographs as prints or as original artwork.

  • Sell your photos as merchandise, keepsakes, or mementos.

  • Sell stock photography.

  • Magazines will pay you for your photos.

  • Localize your photography: Take photos at local events and sell them.

  • Collaborate with local businesses.

  • Collaborate with bloggers.

Is professional photography on its deathbed?

Professional photography is changing, but it is not dying. Certainly not by a long shot. “Anyone with a camera can take a photograph, but not just anyone can create an image that causes people to pause, think, and feel.”

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