The 6K Canon EOS R3 is here – the best professional camera ever?

Is the Canon EOS R3 the finest pro camera we’ve ever seen, with 30fps shooting, 6K video, and game-changing Eye Control AF?

Details about the Canon EOS R3 –

The Canon EOS R3 has been officially unveiled after months of rumors and conjecture. This professional camera has 6K RAW video, 30fps burst shooting, Canon’s finest focusing system ever, and the ability to change focus points with your eyeball. A 24.1MP, backside-illuminated (BSI), the stacked image sensor is at the core of the Canon EOS R3. The BSI architecture places the electronics on the bottom of the sensor, rather than the top, where it would obscure the photosites, resulting in better low-light performance, which complements the ISO100-102,400 (expandable to 50-204,800) sensitivity.

The R3 can shoot at real-world rates of 30fps when shooting electronically (with a buffer of 540 JPEGs or 150 RAWs) or 12fps with the mechanical shutter thanks to its stacked architecture (which sandwiches layers of sensor and electronics for a quicker and more efficient readout) (for over 1,000 JPEGs or 1,000 RAWs).

Even better, the super-fast sensor practically eliminates rolling shutter (the ‘jello effect’ when straight lines begin to distort as you pan past them) — no more crooked goalposts while filming sports. You may also use the electronic shutter to photograph with flash, with a shutter speed of 1/64,000 seconds!

The R3’s 24.1MP sensor allows it to capture 6K RAW video, as well as oversampled 6K for 4K up to 60p — with non-oversampled 4K 120p footage that outperforms the Canon EOS R5. In addition, in all video modes, the R3’s cutting-edge focusing settings are accessible.

This includes the game-changing animal face and eye AF featured on the R5 and Canon EOS R6, human face and eye AF, and the all-new vehicle AF, which will identify anything from rally vehicles to open-cockpit Formula One racers. This is all driven by the same Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus II found in the R5 and R6, but with a new Deep Learning AF algorithm that makes it even more accurate.

The R3 also brings back Canon’s Eye Detect AF technology, which monitors the movement of your eyeball and allows you to choose your focus point just by gazing at your subject. We go into greater depth here, but to summarize: this isn’t designed for shooting fast-moving objects like birds, but rather serves as a shortcut to rapidly pick a subject (like a celebrity in the midst of a crowd of admirers) so that your AF can lock-on without having to move it.

The Canon EOS R3 has excellent in-body image stabilization, which can compensate for up to 8 stops (when used with certain RF lenses, such as the Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L).

The R3 has a fully articulating touchscreen with a crystal clear 4.15 million-dot resolution, much like the rest of the EOS R series. Despite this, it has the same degree of weather resistance as the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, as well as the 1D X III’s amazing optical Smart Controller. which moves your AF point across the screen far quicker than the joystick (but slower than the Eye Control AF).

The Canon EOS R3 will be available in November. Because we’ve spent a lot of time with the camera, our Canon EOS R3 review will tell you all you need to know.

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