Top 11 Best Child Photographers in the World

The children may irritate us and drive us insane with what they do. whether inside or outside the home, but we cannot deny that they also enrich our lives and make us happy. Only people who have never had children may understand and appreciate the value of children in our world. There are a few wonderful moments that we share with our children, but they rapidly fade away, and we forget about them over time, until we can no longer recall anything from the past, and what is left in our brains about the great times we shared with our children is nearly nothing. As a result, we must rely on the camera to capture every wonderful moment we have with our young children.

You can photograph your children on your own while they are celebrating a special event, playing, or creating something amusing that needs to be remembered. If you’re having trouble photographing your children on your own, check out the top 10 greatest child photographers in the world, ranked by their expertise, creativity, and unique ability to produce amazing images.

1. Leah Robinson is an Australian Best Multi-Award Winning photographer

Leah Robinson Photography

Leah Robinson is a multi-award-winning photographer who specializes in photographing children, weddings, and families. Their work is centered in Melbourne, Australia, and she specializes in capturing those exceptional moments that ought to be preserved in images. Leah Robinson’s ability to make great images is mostly due to her ability to wait for the proper time to capture it, especially when photographing small children.

2. Elena Shumilova is a Russian creative child photographer

Elena Shumilova photography

Elena Shumilova is one of the most innovative kid photographers in the world, not only in Russia. She uses everything around her, from her children to the animals on her farm, as well as intriguing natural light and colors, and even the weather, to create stunning images that will leave you speechless. Elena Shumilova’s images are a great way to get started photographing your own children. Her only source of inspiration is her desire to express herself, and she employs natural elements such as snow, fog, rain, smoke, and other elements to give aesthetic and emotional depth to her photographs.

3. Kevin Cook is a wedding and senior photographer in the United States

Kevin Cook is a Fayetteville, North Carolina-based baby, kid, family, senior, and wedding photographer. He is also the proprietor of KCC Photography and enjoys photographing all aspects of life, such as people and locations. For Kevin Cook, taking images is like writing a book on history, but without the words. It makes his life more intriguing and thrilling, which inspires him to take fantastic images that capture those important moments in life.

Kevin Cooks photography

4. A professional photographer from the Netherlands, Adrian Sommeling

Adrian Sommeling photography

Adrian Sommeling is a graphic designer, digital artist, and web developer in addition to being a professional photographer. Adrian’s distinct style of shooting is the key to making his images very gorgeous. He takes images in a unique style, and adding a cartoon look to them enhances their attractiveness and makes them more remarkable. If you like Adrian Sommeling’s art and want to learn from him, why not join one of his courses across the world?

5. Sandra Bianco is a lady photographer  from the United States

Sandra Bianco

Sandra Bianco is a photographer who specializes in children, newborns, fine art, commercial, and editorial work. Her job is located in South Florida, but she is willing to travel to other locations if necessary to ensure that her customers get what they desire. Sandra Bianco’s images are wonderful since they rely on the surrounding beauty of nature in most of them. Natural light, butterflies, flowers, and other natural elements may be found to enhance the images and make youngsters appear more attractive.

6. Amy McDaniel specializes in children photographer from the USA

Amy McDaniel photography

Amy McDaniel is a photographer that specializes in children, newborns, and maternity sessions. Dewdrops Photography is her business, and she is situated in Alabama, United States. Amy McDaniel is fascinated by children, which is why she wants to shoot them. She emphasizes pleasure, simplicity, catching a moment in time, and capturing genuine expressions in her shots, resulting in spectacular results even with difficult-to-photograph newborns.

7. Dave Engledow is  the world’s most inventive kid photographer from the United States

Dave Engledow


Dave Engledow, sometimes known as the “World’s Best Father,” is one of the world’s most inventive kid photographers. He is a creative photographer who, in addition to being a nice parent, arranges amusing settings to take his magnificent images, which are unlike any other child photographs we see or capture. Dave Engledow exhibits innovative work with his daughter and wife that may inspire everyone who wants to shoot youngsters in a fresh and distinctive way. You may learn more about his photography with his daughter Alice Bee by reading his book “Confessions of the World’s Best Father.”

8. Anne Geddes specializes in photographing newborn children from Australia

Anne Geddes photography

Anne Geddes is a well-known photographer who specializes in photographing newborns, infants, and early children across the world. Her images are focused on capturing the beauty and innocence of youngsters dressed as flowers, animals, insects, or birds. She feels that every kid deserves to be loved, nurtured, and protected, and she attempts to demonstrate this in her images. Anne Geddes’ beautiful art has been published in more than 80 countries, and her books have sold millions of copies.

9. Jake Olson is an art photographer from the United States

Jake Olson

Jake Olson is a portrait, commercial, and fine art photographer located in Blair, Nebraska, who also serves the neighboring areas. He specializes in photographing seniors and toddlers. He feels that the environment around us is lovely, which is why he uses all that is available to him when taking images. His distinct photographic approach enables him to transform commonplace subjects into extraordinary photographs. He emphasizes the utilization of natural light and the vibrant colors seen in the surrounding environment. Jake Olson’s work has been featured in several publications and magazines throughout the world, including Vogue Magazine UK, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, and others.

10. Magdalena Berny is a self-taught photographer from Poland

Magdalena Berny  photography

Magdalena Berny is a self-taught photographer who specializes in children’s portraits. She is inspired by what she sees around her, whether it is at her home or in other places she goes. She has her own photographic style that is very distinctive and helps her to generate stunning images. Her creative work has been published both domestically and abroad, in both the Polish and foreign press. Magdalena Berny’s images are influenced by her emotions, which is why they are used to document moments spent with children, their appearance and emotions, as well as her own emotions, which play a vital role in generating such magnificent work.

11. Aga Andrews  is a natural light photographer from Poland

Aga Andrews  photography

Aga Andrews Catering is a natural light photographer based in Northamptonshire and specializes in children’s and family portraits. Photography has been a part of his life since childhood. Since he was about 8 years old, he used a lot of film rolls, taking pictures of the most ridiculous things in potentially strange angles but apparently, everyone started somewhere . He bought his first suitable film camera when he was 16 and he knew that photography was more than just a hobby . It became his passion and according to one of the online dictionaries “passion is an ambition that is transformed into reality so that the heart, mind, body, and soul can be turned into something as much as possible.” Well, he clearly backs up this description Can make up, and hope he can see the same; In his portrait portfolio, which he has created over the years.

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