Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Lens for Vlogging

Many people have been stranded at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic for over a year. Here we are providing you with the ultimate guide to purchasing the best lens for vlogging. Many people have amused the entire globe with their wonderful vlogs with only a camera and a glass of water. All you need is a good camera, a good lens, and some tales to tell if you want to start vlogging right now. Check out our top 9 vlogging lens recommendations for you if you’re looking for some ideas. You can start vlogging right now with these lenses! 

Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Lens for Vlogging

Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Lens for Vlogging

In this guide, we have attempted to come up with ten excellent answers to the question, “What is the best lens for vlogging?” Take a look at our product reviews and buying advice for 2021 if you want to start a vlog right now. These tips will assist you in choosing the right products, and you can start vlogging right away.

1. Canon EF-S 10-18mm Wide-Angle IS STM Lens

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-wide zoom lens EF-S
  • 18 mm is the greatest focal length.
  • f/5.6 is the greatest aperture size.
  • Compatible with the majority of Canon EOS cameras
  • An optical picture stabilizer is included.

If you’re starting a new YouTube channel and want to find the best lens for vlogging, the Canon EF-S IS STM lens is a good option. This is a compact and reasonably priced device that works with most EOS cameras. It features an in-built image stabilizer and is perfect for capturing noise-free video. Canon lenses are well known for their high quality.

2. Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS-USM Lens

Highlighted Features;

  • L-series optics on a wide-angle lens
  • 35 mm is the greatest focal length.
  • f/4L is the greatest aperture size.
  • EOS SLR cameras are compatible.
  • Silent focusing using an ultrasonic motor

This wide-angle lens features USM and L-series optics, making it an excellent choice for serious vlogging. In addition to being compatible with most EOS SLR cameras, the EF has an excellent design, as do all Canon products. The lens is coated to reduce ghosting, and it’s the greatest wide-angle lens money can buy. It’s great for vlogging and professional photography

3. Sony Alpha E-mount 16-50mm lens Zoom Lens with Retract

Features  highlighted;

  • Stabilizer and autofocus elements
  • The 50 mm focal length is the greatest focal length.
  • f/3.5 is the greatest aperture size.
  • Sony Alpha E-Mount cameras are compatible.
  • An aspherical lens with ED glass

Sony Alpha E-Mount is a good option if you want an economical answer to the question “What is the best lens for vlogging?”. This wide-angle lens is designed for Sony Alpha E-Mount cameras and may be used for vlogging. The lens is composed of ED glass and is designed to minimize aberrations and dispersions. It includes a retractable zoom that is ideal for vlogs with a lot of footage.

4. Xeno Pro Lens Kit for Smartphones

Features highlighted;

  • 0.45x TruView Wide Angle Lens
  • Clarus 15x Macro Lens by Xenvo
  • All major smartphone brands are supported.
  • With the TruGrip attachment, you may adjust the brightness to three different levels.
  • The quick-release head comes with a lanyard.

If you vlog with your smartphone, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a must-have accessory. In each package, you will receive a TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens and a Clarus 15x macro lens. Attach them to your phone with the TruGrip clip, and you’ll be ready to capture photos and movies. The kit also includes a lanyard and brightness settings that may be adjusted.

5. Meike APS-C Lens with Large Aperture Manual Focus

Features highlighted;

  • The lens with a large aperture and manual focus
  • 35 mm is the greatest focal length.
  • f/1.7 is the greatest aperture size.
  • All E-mount cameras are compatible.
  • It’s ideal if you use a mirrorless camera.

The Meike APS-C lens is an excellent choice if you want a lens that works with a wide range of cameras. Featuring a maximum focal length of 35 mm, this model is perfect for vlogging. The lens has an aperture of f/1.7 and is highly stable. This is a very inexpensive and long-lasting camera lens that you can rely on.

6. Canon EF-M STM Compact System Lens

Features highlighted;

  • Wide-angle video lens with a moderate field of view
  • The lens has a maximum focal length of 22 millimeters.
  • f/2 is the greatest aperture size.
  • It has a built-in stepping motor (STM)
  • 7 blades in a circular aperture

The Canon EF-M STM Small lens is the greatest compact and high-quality lens for vlogging. This moderate wide-angle lens will allow you to create images and movies of unrivaled and irreproducible quality. It also boasts a 5.9-inch minimum focusing distance, allowing you to shoot incredible close-ups. With the built-in STM, images and video will be stabilized to the maximum degree of precision.

7. CoPedvic Smartphone Lens Set 22x/25x

Features that have been highlighted;

  • PLK-01 22x telescopic telephoto lens in 4K HD PLK-01 22x telescopic telephoto lens in 4K HD Included is a 0.67x wide-angle lens.
  • Attachment for a 4-in-1 25x macro lens
  • A phone mount with an extendable metal tripod
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy was used to create this piece.

This lens answers the question, “What is the best lens for beginners to use for vlogging?” You’ll be able to shoot stunningly clear and precise photos and movies with just your phone and this lens. A 4-in-1 lens attachment is included with this package. Among the included lenses are a 22x telephoto lens, a 25x macro lens, a 205° fisheye lens, and a 4K HD 0.67X wide-angle lens.


8. Panasonic Lumix G Vario Micro Lens 

Features highlighted;

  • Fisheye lens for the micro four-thirds system
  • 14 mm is the greatest focal length.
  • f/4.0 is the greatest aperture size.
  • The lens elements are multi-coated.
  • The viewing angle is ultra-wide at 114 degrees.

The Panasonic Lumix G Vario lens is excellent for professionals, with a viewing angle of 114°. It’s a great tool that’s perfect for working in restricted places. The lens has a maximum focal length of 14 mm and is equipped with four aspherical lenses and two ED lenses. Any pro with a Micro Four Thirds mount configuration may utilize this lens.

9. Viltrox Auto Focus Lens for Sony Cameras

Features that have been highlighted;

  • Full-frame Sony E-Mount lens
  • 85 mm is the greatest focal length.
  • The largest aperture size is f/1.8, and there are 9 slices in the circular aperture.
  • Multilayer HD Nano ED coating

We propose the Viltrox autofocus lens if you want to make a solid investment in your vlogging endeavors. Sony E-Mount full-frame cameras are compatible with this telephoto lens. It features a great 85 mm focal length. The lenses themselves are coated with HD Nanon ED multilayer coatings. For improved video stability, it also includes a noiseless STM focus motor.


Guide to Purchasing

You need to know what to look for when selecting the best vlogging lens. If you’re new to cameras, the large number of figures and acronyms may be overwhelming. Don’t be concerned; we’ve got you covered. Here’s an in-depth shopping guide to assist you in selecting the finest goods for your specific requirements.

Apertures of a Large Size

You’ll notice that lenses have an aperture value stated on them, such as f/1.8 or f/2.0. Lenses with greater apertures have smaller numbers after the f. Larger apertures (and hence smaller numbers) are preferable for vlogging since they allow you to shoot live footage in low-light situations. The Meike Large Aperture and Viltrox AutoFocus Sony E-Mount lenses are also excellent choices.

Consistent Focusing

Most contemporary vlogging and professional photography lenses include a built-in stabilizer. Canon models such as the EF-S and EF-M, for example, incorporate Stepper Motor Technology (STM). If speed is essential to you when vlogging, devices like the Canon EF with an Ultrasonic Motor are a good choice (USM).

Size and Bulkiness

Vloggers must be light on their feet and cannot afford to be burdened by a plethora of lenses and camera gear. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase lenses that are not too heavy. Both the Canon EF-M and the Panasonic Lumix G are small cameras. You may also try We also have mobile lenses, such as the CoPedvic smartphone lens kit and the Xenvo smartphone lens kit, both of which are incredible.


This is our comprehensive list of all the lenses you may use to begin vlogging. If you want to acquire the best lens for vlogging, you’ll need to conduct some independent research. Individual research will assist you in making the best selection possible. Follow this ultimate guide to purchasing the best lens for vlogging

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