Where is the Serial Number on a Vivitar Camera?

This article will tell you where you can find the serial number on a Vivitar camera, so keep reading to find all the answers to your questions.

Vivitar has never published any documentation of serial numbers, so it’s hard to find them. Furthermore, It did not manufacture or label all the cameras and lenses under its brand. We break down Its serial numbers into various parts like the year, the sequence number, and the manufacturer number. According to Vivitar, the number of employees is 22.

A Vivitar camera has its serial number on its lens, inside the battery, or on its backside. The cameras and lenses of Vivitar were serial numbered, such as SN 22xxxxx. They never disclose the exact meaning of these numbers. After that, you should break down the numb er if you haven’t figured it out yet. It shows which company makes the product. The number 22 belongs to Vivitar.

Serial Number on a Vivitar camera

Following that are two numbers indicating the model’s year of production, along with the last four showing its age.

Take a look at an example of a Vintage Vivitar Camera Lens 75-205mm. In this case, the no. 22085881 is visible. In the first two digits 22, we see the Vivitar brand name, in the second to fifth digits (085), we see the year. Eighteen allows you to know if it’s an early or old model, in this case, 881 is an old one/lens.

How to identify the original manufacturer of lenses branded Vivitar?

You need to first understand how lenses work in order to determine the original manufacturer.

What a Vivitar Camera is and How it started?

In addition to Ponder and Best, they imported photographic equipment before the Second World War. As time went on, they began to import cameras and lenses.

In recent years, many brands into the American industry through their marketing efforts, such as Mamiya/Sekor, OM-System, or Kobena.

This company founded in 1960 focused on camera lenses, and it competed with all the other lens manufacturers.

The company manufactures lenses designed to work with all other built cameras. They approach professional lens manufacturers such as Kino Precision and make deals with them when they first start producing lenses and cameras.

They got studios to label their lenses as Vivitar, and in exchange, Kino Precision got a commission.

As soon as they become successful and people recognize their quality. A company named Cosina makes their first 35mm film camera, labeling Vivitar and manufacturing by Cosina.

The Korina manufacture the most lenses  Cosina, Kino Precision, etc. The hard part is determining which lens is produced by Cosina and which is generated by Kino Precision.

It did not mention either the camera or lenses in any documentation, which makes it difficult to say. The Serial Number is a bit difficult to interpret, but if you break down the numbers into the following SN/NO: XXXXXXX, things become clearer.

Learn a lot from this number, and I discussed above how you can break it down.

Vivitar Series 1 lens list:

  • Vivitar 17mm ƒ/3.5 (made by Tokina)
  • 19mm ƒ/3.8 (made by Cosina)
  • 21mm ƒ/3.8 T4 (made by Tokina)
  • 24mm ƒ/2.8 (Cosina)
  • 28mm ƒ/2 (55mm by Kiron)


The serial number of a camera and lens is not mentioned anywhere by Vivitar. Therefore, Vivitar lens mounts are hard to identify. Vivitar was a brand of cameras manufactured by a company, based on its serial numbers. Once we get that, we may be able to estimate, but again, it’s not certain. Our guide should help you locate your Vivitar camera’s serial number. Please share this guide if you find it useful.

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